London Book Fair

Tue, 20 Mar 2012

Gerry will be in London from 24 March 2012, doing a long walk in the South of England with his wife, Pamela, promoting his books at the London Book Fair, 16th – 18th April, and visiting relatives and friends. He expects to be back in Australia by 06 May 2012. Please contact him during this period by email at:

10th June 2012. Not long back from Paris and London, the Book Fair and visiting people. Sadly the long walk did not happen - foul weather, 'flu and other small calamities, but the London Book Fair was amazing! Overwhelming crowds, swimming in books, publishers, stands, lectures and trying to penetrate the mysteries of e-book publishing. The photos tell the story:

a sea of stands  Gerry with ASPG Publishers, William & Irina
Some of London Book Fair                                  Earls Court Venue                        Gerry with ASPG Publishers William & Irina

Some interest in 'Kathmandu' from an Israeli publisher, a German agent and an on-line publisher, so must wait to see what develops ...

Peru June/July 2012
From 23 June I'll be away exploring the mysteries of the Upper Amazon basin and the mountains of Peru and expect to be away until 18 July. Sorry, I'll not be able to process orders until 18 July 2012. As before, intermittent email access at